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I will write a song!

2009-07-23 17:13:58 by TryBern

But about what? I thought on writing either a Norwegian song to English or vice versa.

Nobody is reading this.

2009-07-21 10:56:45 by TryBern

Hurr hurr durr.
Why do I even bother? Nobody reads this because I never do anything.
Hurr hurr durr.


What is there to say...

I'm going to buy a new computer by next week, I am taking basic driving courses the same week and I'm bored...

I got a ticket for Speed Racer on friday! Egoraptor said so many beautiful things about it on Behind the flash.


2008-06-15 16:10:14 by TryBern

So I'm working on a animation and it happens; "Flash 8 has stopped working"... I have worked with it a couple of hours and was not completly done with the coloring. It was a really fun and repetitive animation about "Skating". Why do it have to be like this? Not even a cockjoke can brighten up my day now...


Half beard!

2008-06-12 16:01:19 by TryBern

I just have to say... One of the best animations I have seen is Half Beard. I love the idea, story and how he made the whole thing. Rob sure is awesome! You should all see it. I have now given you the link to both the movie and theme song. In the movie you will meet classic characters like: 1/4 Beard, 3/4 beard, HALF BEARD and peach fuzz.
Be sure to check it out;
Half Beard: The movie
The theme song!
When I grow up I'm going to have a half beard!

Ps.: One reason for me to post is to promote one of my favorite movies here at NG, currently the only one, and to get rid of the sadface saying that I got no posts. smileyface

Half beard!